Wet Areas and Bathrooms

  • Waterproofing wet areas has always been a challenging task for the construction industry especially in a multistory building. These areas experience water ingress throughout the year and any seepage, leakage through these surfaces, can lead to deterioration of the interiors of adjacent room walls.
  • It is essential that water used in bathrooms is drained out only through the pipes. That is one mandatory step for waterproofing bathrooms and toilets. A suitable waterproofing system which are flexible and water-repellent will enable a higher protection against the usual micro-bacterial organisms which can develop in all moisture exposed areas and in the same time, ensure a better crack resistance.
  • Our Product systems for the Wet Areas and Bathrooms are the latest and most effective waterproofing systems been developed.


Apply polyurethane based liquid waterproofing membrane CLEVERPROOF PU 120 @ 1.40 to 1.8 kg/m2 in two coats on surface pre-coated with CLEVERPRIME (PRIMER 200 or EPOXY PRIMER or EPOXY PRIMER WB) after necessary surface preparation. 

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    PU 130
    PU 140 FC
    400 BT-1K RAPID