A warranty is simply a written guarantee, issued to the owner, promising to repair or replace the waterproofing proven to be defective within a specified period of time. While building owners may claim warranties to solve the water-leakage issues, the loses due to repair turnaround, impaired equipment loss, reduced productivity and most importantly the building deterioration are most often in comparable to the warranty claims.

That is why we have developed the RAYAR ASSURANCE PROGRAM which is a proactive quality assurance program that controls & monitors the waterproofing work right from the design to the construction phases.

RAYAR ASSURANCE PROGRAM is developed to create a trust between the building owners, Specifiers and the contractors to achieve a common goal of quality waterproofing treatment.

RAYAR ASSURANCE PROGRAM promotes a collaboration among the stakeholders to achieve the following:

  • Designing the most suitable waterproofing system for the identified structure, with all necessary inputs from the Owner & Consultant, to provide an economical solution on both capital and operational perspectives.
  • Comprehensive documentation of Design, Execution Procedure, Pre-Conditions and Maintenance of Waterproofing System, along with compliance reporting.
  • Specify project specific Quality Control Inspection Program (QCIP) for reviewing and monitoring the work for conformity during construction phase.
  • Execution of Waterproofing work through RAYAR’s Trained and Certified Applicator, which Guarantees both quality work execution and also an after sales service.


RAYAR INFRA strongly recommends application of proposed/specified products through its trained applicators only who conforms to the quality standards set by RAYAR, to achieve optimal product performance needed for the purpose it is used for. RAYAR TRAINED APPLICATORS provided periodical training to sharpen skills and improve expertise and are obliged & bound by standards in product application and delivering the technical services to the Customers stipulated within the RAYAR ASSURANCE PROGRAM.

We confirm that RAYAR TRAINED APPLICATORS will any time…

  • Use specified products strictly on the advice and instructions furnished in Product Data Sheets, Technical Manuals & Material Safety Data Sheets and also have complete access to the technical and product support from the manufacturer and RAYAR Technical Service.
  • Stringently follow the product coverage conditions prescribed in the Product Data Sheets and not adulterate/dilute the products while in their possession or during application at site.
  • Will provide the correct technical recommendations to the customers, which are derived from the training and subsequent experiences, in whatsoever case shall comply to RAYAR standards and technical recommendations.